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About The Thunderbird Angel Network

Alumni and friends of Thunderbird, and faculty associated with the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship at Thunderbird, have discussed entrepreneurship and its often demonstrated ability to profoundly impact the local, national and global economies through its potential for job creation, commercial and industrial diversification, and community and personal wealth creation.  

While the educational institution of Thunderbird can provide knowledge and education about entrepreneurship, the question existed of how a great boost could be provided to the economic growth of the local and global economies.  The Thunderbird Angel Network, a separate legal entity from the School, was born with the vision to connect investors and entrepreneurs in the local and global marketplace.  With that end in mind, Thunderbird Angel Network was created to introduce potential investors to startup and emerging companies that possess characteristics that suggest the potential for rapid growth. 

The Thunderbird Angel Network offers educational opportunities to its members, covering topics such as building a portfolio of investments in entrepreneurial ventures, understanding the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, and other topics relating to entrepreneurship and angel investing, drawing upon the knowledge of global experts and practitioners. 

The Thunderbird Angel Network meets approximately every other month between September and May. The upcoming meeting schedule can be found on the Meetings tab.