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Welcome to the Thunderbird Angel Network

Historically, entrepreneurial companies with the potential for fast growth have provided the vast majority of new jobs in the United States and have been powerful wealth creators for the communities in which they are based. 

Established in the fall of 2010, the Thunderbird Angel Network was born from the vision of people associated with Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship to develop a robust network of investors and entrepreneurs among Thunderbird’s network of alumni, students and friends. 

The Thunderbird Angel Network is a medium through which individual investors can consider investments in early-stage companies having the potential to grow rapidly. Such companies may be based in Arizona or in other Southwestern states. The group meets approximately every other month over dinner and listens to presentations from candidate companies. If members show interest in a presenting company, further due diligence and deal terms are developed. Members act on their own behalf and make their own individual investment decisions.

The Thunderbird Angel Network also offers educational opportunities to its members regarding such things as the characteristics of a first class management team, evaluation of the business plans of early stage companies, due diligence, valuation, term sheets and other relevant topics from national and local experts and practitioners.  The Thunderbird Angel Network is a member of the Angel Capital Association.

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